Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me!

This page is my comprehensive rates, examples and terms of service area.

Please read through it before contacting me so I know we’re both on the same page!


updated 16.11.21


Traditional commissions may be sent by Royal Mail but at a significant delay and at your own risk


My Commissions Queue can be found [HERE]——

Samples can be found [HERE]---

What I will/won’t draw

  • Fanart and OCs are both ok!

  • Tasteful/subtly suggestive nudity and pinup are okay but I won't draw outright porn 

  • Gore/Eroguro is ok!

  • There are things I don’t draw often (buff men, backgrounds, mecha, certain props, animals, furries) but I’m willing to try. Take a look at my samples / gallery on instagram (@gomimushi_art) and make a decision regarding whether it’s worth it to ask u_u;

  • Lalafell, Chibis and Children count as a character, but will be charged one tier cheaper. I.e. a chibi full body would be charged at half body price / chibi half body will be charged at bust price.

  • Pets/Animals count as an extra character, but if the extra character is very simple I may charge less / or if it is significantly more complicated than usual I may charge more.

  • Backgrounds are at my discretion. I’m fairly weak at them, but if you’re willing to let me try then I will make an assessment on how comfortable I am with it and how much i will charge.

  • I reserve the right to refuse your request if you ask me to draw anything I’m either morally or artistically uncomfortable with.


  • Paypal only (I will send an invoice, prices above include paypal fees)

  • I will start working on your picture after you have paid for it. (If I take longer than 60 days to complete the commission you have the right to ask for your money back.)


  • It depends on how many commissions I have at a time, how busy my day job is and if I’m busy/going somewhere/etc. - but don’t worry, I will keep you updated if there are any issues.

  • See this spreadsheet for my progress + how many commissions are before you in the queue.

  • If you are commissioning a large full colour piece, I will tell you when I have started the commission, and I will send you the sketch of the composition within a week of having started. These can be quite rough but will give you an idea of what to expect. 

  • Please make sure you mention any revisions within 24 hours of the sketch being sent to you.

  • If you think I may have forgotten your commission, please feel free to ask, but be reasonable.

  • If I haven’t finished 60 days after you paid, you have the right to ask for your money back.


  • I reserve the right to cancel the commission at any point in time.

  • If the commission is cancelled, I will refund all money paid through paypal.


  • These are private commissions. NO COMMERCIAL USE IS PERMITTED.


  • I will send you a high res version of the file via email if requested.

  • I will send you prints of digital versions if requested for an extra charge.

  • You may print the image (as a print or merch) and/or use the image non-commercially online (as an icon, as a fic illustration, in RP, etc.) as long as you aren’t claiming to have drawn it and you’re not profiting from it monetarily. Please link back/credit me!

  • I will retain the full copyright of the images produced.

  • I may use the images I produce as part of a portfolio/to promote my work.

  • They will be posted in low-res quality on social media unless requested otherwise.

  • AGAIN: Commissions are NOT intended for commercial use without my express written permission.


  • Revisions are free if they are small things I failed to catch such as eye colour, clothing details or hairstyle. I will also change a drawing for free if it’s lacking something that you specified in the description. Keep in mind that for full colour drawings that I will be sending you a SKETCH, and once you approve it (within 24 hours), I will not be changing anything compositionally after that (aside from the above).

  • If you approved the sketch and want further major changes (i.e. pose/background) or are unhappy with something you did NOT specify previously or were ambiguous about after the piece is finished, a surcharge will apply for the changes I make.

  • If you want the whole picture re-drawn, you will have to pay for another commission.

  • Please don’t ask me for a refund, I’ve already spent my time on it and I did the best I could :( If you’re still not happy I’m really, really sorry & I will take a sadface selfie as Tataru for you.

If all that is okay with you, check the progress spreadsheet and drop me a message through the contact form here and let’s talk!

You can also contact me on Discord at Gogomi#5353 or on Twitter at @g0g0mi

Note: by commissioning me, you agree to the above terms.